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RC Truck Custom Paint by John DeMore of Cooper City, FL

Over the years John has sent us numerous pictures of his RC Truck Bodies that he has painted  using our Adhesive Stencils.  John has done some excellent work and creates one of a kind Truck Bodies as his hobby.  Check out the Purple Body on this Truck.

Starting with Blank RC Body

Blank truck bodies can be purchased online for relatively cheap.  In the pictures below you can see John started with the Torn Camo patterns we offer.  Our torn patterns include three sheets of completely different patterns.

Layering to make eye popping finishes

Although it takes practice, once you get the hang of using our stencils and layering techniques you can create some awesome effects.   In the pictures below, a purple color was applied over the stickers.  After the paint is dried you can peel off the stickers which will reveal the base paint color.  In this case it is white.

Incorporating different stencils into the paint

In addition to the Torn patterns used for this RC body, John also used the very popular HEX Pattern.  The pattern works great as a first layer.   Here you can see how the HEX pattern pops through the Torn streaks on the RC Truck.  John also added some bad ass Punisher Skulls in Black.  We carry a couple of different types of skull adhesives you can choose from.  Included on our sheets are an array of sizes so you can find one to fit your project.

Inner Detail

John did additional detailing on the RC inner parts as well.  Using Adhesive HEX and Punisher Skull stickers.  From these images you can see the base coat was a deep red color.  Over the red paint the stickers are placed and then a final coat of black is sprayed on.  Once dry, the stickers are removed and the red color is left behind anywhere the stickers were.

Finishing Up

John did a great job on this RC Truck Body.  If you want to spice up your old RC hit us up for some adhesive stencils.  We carry many different camo patterns as well as some other patriotic and bad ass skull designs.

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