Duck Boat Camo

Transform your Jon Boat into a unique work of art with our extensive collection of high-quality Camouflage Stencils. Elevate your watercraft with our diverse selection of military patterns, wildlife grasses, and cattails, ensuring optimal concealment and an individualized aesthetic. Discover why we are the go-to destination for watercraft enthusiasts seeking to outshine the competition. Browse our collection today and start making heads turn on the water!

Adhesive Stencils

Adhesive stencils work with all sorts of paint including DuraCoat and Cerakote gun finishes. We have a variety of patterns designed in house at

Camouflage your world. is your go to store for camouflage paint stencils. We carry Adhesive sticker stencils and Mylar spray through stencils. If you're an outdoorsman looking to camo your hunting blind, a RC enthusiast wanting a new paint job on your newest truck, or you're into Duracoat / Cerakote gun finishes, has you covered.


Have a project that needs camouflaging? You're in the right spot. Explore our selection of camo patterns designed and laser cut by enthusiasts, available in two types:

Mylar stencils are ideal for larger DIY projects such as boats, ATVs, hunting blinds, and more. Simply hold the stencil to the surface and apply paint through the cutouts.

Adhesive stencils are perfect for smaller items like guns, RC cars, models, tumblers, and anything else you want to camouflage. Just stick the stickers on, paint over them, then peel them off for a seamless finish.

Mylar Stencils (34)

Adhesive Stencils (27)

Tools of the trade.

Every project has it's tool. Here's a list of things that we have found handy while working with stencils.

  1. Masking Tape
  2. Scissors
  3. Scrap Newspaper
  4. Poster Board
  5. Pens / Sharpie
  6. Clean Rags
  7. Paper Towels
  8.  Tacky Glue
  9. Turpentine / Mineral spirits / Paint Thinner
  10. Gloves
  11. Xacto knife

Paint Compatibility.

Suggestions, ideas, and tips about what paint may work best for your project. Not all paint is created equal.


Rattle can paint is fine for use with our stencils, however, be sure to use paint specific to your needs. 

The quality of paint you use matters.  Don't expect professional paint jobs using low quality paints.

Also consider using an airbrush for smaller projects and paint sprayers for larger projects.

Duracoat and Cerakote paints are made specifically for the high temperatures produced with firearms.  

If you're on a budget and looking to paint a jon boat, duck boat, ATV, Golf Cart, etc..  Rustoleum makes camouflage colors in rattle cans and can be purchased at Walmart.


Prepping & Planning

Having a plan and an optimized work area for your project is important to success.


Planning in advance how you're going to tackle your project will help avoid unnecessary hassle.

Mylar Stencils

If your doing a large project consider prepping your work area with drop cloths.  We intend to avoid paint spills but they almost always happen to some extent. 

Prepare a poster board for a stencil frame.  Learn more here.

Adhesive Stencils

Be sure your item is prepared to receive adhesive stencils.  Surfaces must be cleaned of dust and oils.  Many plastic products are produced with petroleum products and are naturally oily.  These items my need to be sanded and primed before applying adhesive stencils.

For metal and aluminum projects be sure to warm the item to room temperature.  Stickers will not adhere in cold temperatures.

Learn More about adhesive stencils.

Camo Everything.

Our stencils are versatile and are great for outdoorsman.

Thousands of customers can't be wrong. Highly rated on Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy.

Over the years we have collected thousands of customer photos of the projects they've used our stencils for. Check out our customer gallery and explore the possibilities.
How they work.

Learn techniques for creating superior camo projects.

Youtube is your friend when it comes to creating professional camouflage projects. Their is a wealth of information on paints, techniques, ideas, and DIY tips for camouflage painting.

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