How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship orders the same or next day using USPS Ground Advantage service.  Priority Mail service is also available at checkout for a few dollars more than our standard shipping.  Orders shipped by Ground Advantage usually arrive in 2-4 business days. Priority service 2-3 days.

Are your stencils reusable?

Our mylar spray through stencils are reusable.  Our adhesive stick on/peel off stencils are one time use.

How many sheets of adhesive stencils do I need to paint a rifle?

That will depend on how many layers of camouflage you will be doing.  If you are only applying a single layer, about 3 sheets of stencils will suffice.  If you are doing a pattern that requires multiple layers of stencils, it would be advisable to have at least two sheets for each layer you will be applying.

What's the best way to clean Mylar stencils after use?

Cleaning will depend on the type of paint you are using.  Refer to the directions on your paint product to determine what can be used to remove the paint.  Spray paints usually require a turpentine, mineral spirits, or other petroleum-based solvent.  We suggest soaking a rag in the solvent and then wiping the paint from the stencils.  Allow the stencils to dry on a flat surface.

Do you make custom stencils?

Generally, we do not make custom stencils.  However, if you are looking for a large quantity of a single design, at least 500 sheets, we may be able to assist.  Please contact us directly for a quote.

What temperature can I bake adhesive stencils for use with Cerakote?

Our adhesive stencils are specially designed to work with Cerakote paints.  With our stencils applied and painted, our stencils can be cured at up to 220 degrees F.

What are the best ways to use mylar stencils for painting a duck/jon boat?

We suggest using a posterboard with a rectangle cut out of the middle that is slightly smaller than our stencil.  This way you can use masking tape to secure the stencil over the hole.  This will make your project quicker to paint and avoid overspray from the corners of the stencil.

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